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Sarah founded Scenario in 2006 after several years working as a professionally trained actor in theatre, television and radio.


As Head of Drama at a central London secondary school, her work initially focused on devising and facilitating workshops in schools and colleges on topics such as bullying, homophobia, racism and job interviewing skills.


Scenario subsequently began working with doctors and medical associations. Assignments involved role-playing for student and practising doctors in workshops and exam situations in order to improve their communication skills.


Latterly, Scenario has expanded its offering to include the supply of role-players for human resources, legal and police skills training, as well as the production of training videos.

doing work together


All our role-players are professionally trained actors who have worked in theatre, TV, film and radio.

Ranging in age, physical appearance and ethnicity, our role-players are ‘real people’ and are comfortable and experienced in business, medical and educational environments.

While all are experienced role players, some specialise in legal role play, others in medical and some work solely in mental health and CBT


In addition to being skilled at portraying a range of consistent, credible characters, all our role-players can offer specific constructive feedback to participants if required.

As each client’s requirements are different, we ensure that all role-players are meticulously briefed prior to each project. If requested, this can include a face-to-face meeting with the client so that they can be confident that all participants have a full understanding of the assignment.



​Personal attention

  • As a small company, we are able to give each brief a great deal of individual attention.

  • Each assignment is personally overseen by Sarah who will discuss the precise objectives of the project before designing a bespoke programme to the client’s requirements.



  • While ranging in age, physical appearance and ethnicity, all role-players are skilled professional actors with many years experience of role-play in different environments.

  • Role-players are experienced at playing more than one character in each session and are trained to respond to unexpected events realistically, whilst remaining in character.


Competitive rates

  • Each programme is individually designed to the client’s requirements. Scenario produces a bespoke quotation for each assignment.

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