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Each role-player would need to play a number of different characters for our training day. Will they be able to do this?

All the role-players at Scenario are highly skilled and versatile and they are used to changing character easily and realistically.

Will the role-players be able to give feedback?

The role-players at Scenario can give constructive, sensitive and specific feedback during sessions. This can be in or out of character. The feedback can include information on body language, eye contact, attitude and use of language towards the role-player.

The role-players would be expected to learn a series of detailed facts so that the case is presented accurately to the client. Would your role-players be able to learn all the information when it is only given the week before?

Of course, the information will be relayed accurately and naturally. Clients have commented on how well the role-players presented this information and how useful it has been to do a ‘practice run.’

Do you have actors that can play students, so that young people will be able to relate to them?

Some of our actors look very young and are used to portraying students. Both students at school and college have found our sessions very valuable as well as entertaining during PSHCE days. They have enjoyed both the performance element as well as the interactive parts.

What are your rates?

Our rates are extremely competitive and calculated for each individual job. We have a corporate rate as well as a non-corporate rate for charities and not-for-profit organisations. Please call 07769 735341 for more information.

Do your role-players have any experience in business and will they be able to come across as people, rather than ‘actors?’

All our role-players have had experience in fields other than acting and are natural and approachable.

We have some ideas for a training day for our staff. Would you be able to use these to come up with a workshop?

Absolutely. We can hold meetings and workshops before the training session or examination to design a varied and engaging session to suit the individual needs of the client. This can include role-play to focus on individual targets, forum theatre, small group or large group work and interactive sessions. We aim to make our work funny and entertaining as well as focusing on the objective of the day.

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